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Value Streaming Process

FHT/FAS excels in value streaming process, using pull system rather than push, following the principals of 5S systematically, monitoring the waste reduction activities, operating under visual, management and data driven system, and sustaining equipment reliabilities. Our experience using world-class techniques for productivity improvements, such as lean manufacturing, kanban, and ISO quality system, provides value to our customers.

FHT/FAS is committed to delivering quality products regardless of volume or complexity. We utilize paperless documentation, shop floor control, and quality management systems to support rapid changeovers, accommodate communication among teams, and provide highest quality products and value to our customers.

Our manufacturing process includes a full line of automated and semi-automated equipment. Process control is the basis for meeting the most stringent quality requirements. We provide program management, production control, production engineering liaison, purchasing, and test functions. 

Our team includes:

  • Program Managers

  • Materials Specialist

  • Kitting Coordinators

  • Production Technician

  • Test Engineers